Belle Fille

Belfi, a 1-year-old Spaniel, is a sweet, pretty, lively and occasionally goofy girl!  I first met Belfi when I was out for a walk with my dog Theo. She took to Theo immediately which surprised her owner who explained that Belfi is sometimes afraid of bigger dogs.  It was hard to tell as she was enthusiastically sniffing his face and jumping … Continue reading

Gabby aka “Lil G”

Since I’ve been walking Gabby, I look forward to our daily stroll on the Beltline. Gabby, a Cockapoo, is just over a year old. She is a super cute and lovely little girl who loves everyone; humans and dogs alike! She always hits it off with the dogs I introduce her to and gets especially excited when meeting other … Continue reading

Doby Dex

Dexter is one of my dog Theo’s best friends, so I was thrilled when his owners decided to hire me on for walks and day care on the days they were unable to look after Dex themselves.  Aside from his majestic stance and stunning good looks, he is also super obedient, loyal, and protective. He … Continue reading

Rexie! Foster to Forever

It feels so great to have Rexie boarding with my dog Theo and I!  It always warms my heart to see him and how much he has grown from the terrified and shy foster dog I took in over a year ago. I can tell by his big smile he is loved and secure with … Continue reading

Little Simba-Lu Making the Rounds

Last week, having loving and easy-going Simba make the dog walking rounds with Theo and I was an absolute pleasure. Not the typical doggy day care, I put the little Australian Labradoodle to work dog walking! For such a young pup she walks like a dream and always listens to commands. And with her fantastic temperament she was fast … Continue reading

A little Grace

Gracie, a one year old Bichon Frise, has been a wonderful little boarder for the past week while her Dad has been away on vacation. Gracie has been joining me on many of my dog walks, and daily outings with my pup Theo, my friends, and family. She is great with all dogs and likes engaging Theo in … Continue reading


I know my dog Jake is “up there” doing the wiggle dance knowing that I’ve started walking his pal Milo once a week! I met Milo 4 years ago when he and my previous dog Jake used to play ball together.  Milo’s folks will be going away on vacation in a few months and want Milo … Continue reading

Head over heels for Abbey!

My dog Theo and I have fallen head over heels for Abbey! Abbey, an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is a fearless, affectionate and playful girl.  She is so happy-go-lucky, wagging, wiggling, and smiling with every step she takes.  It puts a grin on my face when she skips and scampers over to greet us with … Continue reading

An evening with Troy

My dog Theo and I really enjoyed getting to know Troy last week! Troy hung out with us on Friday night while his Mom was out celebrating a special occasion. I had been following Troy’s story for the past couple of months since a friend pointed him out on the T.E.A.M Dog Rescue website. When … Continue reading